Shock-safe insulating mat by Marvel is a shock proof and fire resistant product, which is designed to provide safety to people and their property from the unanticipated electric shocks and leaked current up to 10mA and 33KV. Our Shock-safe insulating mat (has replaced Rubber Mat as per IS 5424:1969 according to Govt. Notification S.O. 2086 Dated 17th July 2007) have water repellant properties and provide complete protection to people from electrical equipments, thereby fulfilling the parameter/requirement of IS 15652: 2006

Our Shock-safe insulating mat combines good mechanical attributes to be able to withstand movement and load of associated electrical apparatus. Since safety of workers is our utmost concern, we strongly recommend our Shock-safe mat around control panels, electrical installations, generator rooms, sub-stations operating HT & LT switch gears, power plants, battery rooms and other such hazardous spots/areas.


Available in two colors viz. Black and Blue alongwith the customized range on order, the mat has proven to be of immense value to the organizations.


  • Fire-resistant
  • Shock proof
  • Designed using 100% virgin compound
  • IS 15652:2006 compliant.
  • Insulation-resistant up to 1000000 Mega Ohm
  • Great physical properties to withstand movement of heavy electrical apparatus.
  • Endowed with moisture and water repellant properties
  • Demonstrate & good tensile strength and elongation properties
  • Can be easily installed/pasted on floors when needed
  • Customization offered as per customers requirement.
  • Easy to maintain