Secure your entire workplace with our Electrical Safety Rubber Mats

The safety and security of workplace and workers are a major concern for all industries. Every year, a large number of industrial accidents are caused due to electric leakage current, electric shocks and mishandling of high voltage equipment. Hence, it is important for companies to create a safe, worker-friendly and insulated environment for their employees.

Electrical and electronic industries were using Rubber mats to protect their environment from dangers and accidents caused due to electricity but the ineffectiveness associated with Rubber mats have turned them toward Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). Rubber matting solutions are now outdated and the main reasons behind this shifting are:

  • Rubber is highly flammable which give rise to accidents caused due to fire.
  • These mats do not meet the specific IS standard and are unable to withstand high voltage which PVC can easily hold.
  • Rubber mats are prone to oxidation and hence become brittle when interacted by light, heat or other specific metals.
  • Rubber mat don’t work in case of oil, acid, and alkali leakage.
  • Rubber mat have a harmful and problematic odor that is dangerous for employees at work.
  • It releases VOC (Volatile Organic compounds) which impact health.
  • It cannot stand high voltage and movement of heavy equipment.
  • Although Rubber mat was fundamentally used in the workplace by most of the industries but due to the above-mentioned reasons, business owners are adopting PVC matting solutions. PVC is versatile, cost effective, high in tensile strength, holds excellent physical properties and ideal for blocking leakage current.

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