High Voltage Insulation Mat

High Voltage Insulation Mat

High Voltage Insulation mat are made of the elastomer which comes with water resistant and fire retardant properties. Various organizations with electric substations and power plants require a complete protection for their workforce which works on the electrical units of their business organizations. Thus requiring, need for a proper installation of insulation mat for electrical purpose for a safe environment is mandatory.

We at Marvel are the ones who provide the high voltage insulation mat to protect the workforce from the electric shock or electric current leakage at their workplace. People who work in electric space necessitate having protection from the dangers of electrical work environment. Thus, insulation mat is very helpful to provide safety to the individuals who work near ccident prone electric units.

What We Provide:

  • Insulation Mat as per latest IS 15652:2006.
  • Available in two colors that are blue and black.
  • Thickness we provide 2 mm for uptp 3.3 KV, 2.5 mm for upto 11 KV and 3 mm for upto 33 KV.
  • With leakage current of 10 mA at 3.3,11 and 33KV.
  • Insulation Resistance up to 1,000 ,000 mega ohms.
  • Features of High Voltage Insulation Mat by Marvel:

  • Insulation mats are a fire resistance and shock-proof.
  • Easy installation and maintenace.
  • High durability and low wear and tear.
  • Works well for DC & AC electrical installations.
  • Tested in various phases under the prominent laboratories.

  • High Voltage Insulation mats are made to provide total safety of humans from any kind of leakage of current or electric shocks near installations and operations of electrical equipments. Insulation mat for electrical purpose is used in various environments such as high voltage panels, power transformer rooms, sub-stations, HT & LT labs, near control panels and bus bars etc.

    Our High voltage insulation mats are manufactured by going through rich quality PVC processing and pass through severe quality checks in order to build a safe workplace in any government or non-government organizations in high voltage working areas.

    High Voltage Electrical Insulation mat by Marvel is manufactured under 2 brand names shock-safe and volt-safe for varying needs that act as a safeguard for individuals who work in the electric leakage possibility areas.

    Shock-safe insulating mat is made as per IS 15652 :2006 and is a shock-proof and fire resistant based product that ensures the people and their assets are safe against the hazardous electrical environment.

    Volt-safe insulating is the most advanced technique to protect an environment of high voltage workplace. Volt –safe insulating mat is made as IS1562:2006 and IEC 61111:2009.The Volt-safe insulation mat is generally useful in Transformer Rooms, AC Plant Rooms, Electric Sub-Stations, Lift-Machine Rooms, and Power Plant Rooms etc.

    All business organizations need to use high voltage insulation mat in order protect their human workforce from leakage current and electric shocks!