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Q 1 What is the advantage of Volt-Safe over Shock- Safe?
Q 2 How is the safety of workers ensured by using our Shock-Safe/Volt-Safe?

Workers are safe from electric shock and earth leakage current upto 33Kv using both Shock- Safe and Volt -Safe mats.

Q 3 What is the use of our Shock-Safe/Volt-Safe in Low Voltage/High Voltage Switchgears?

The Shock-Safe/Volt-Safe is placed in front of switchgears and electrical panels to protect the workers from electric shocks. These insulating mats are fixed in front of the panels using special adhesive.

Q 4 How is the generator, Sub-Stations, Transformer and Battery room areas protected by our High voltage insulation mats Shock-Safe/Volt-Safe?

Shock-Safe/Volt-Safe is as per IS 15652:2006 and is placed in front of generator panels and battery rooms for safety of working personnel as both Shock-safe and Volt-safe are tested up to 240 V D.C and are acid proof.

Q 5 Are Shock-Safe/Volt-Safe High voltage insulation mats anti-skid?

Our Shock-Safe/ Volt-Safe are anti skid with special coating. Anti skid helps the workers to operate the panels smoothly without fear of shock.

Q 6 Which agencies have made it mandatory to use High voltage insulation mats?

CPWD general specification f or electrical works part –IV 2007 & Central Electrical Authority by CED Notification No. CE1/1/59/cea/e1 of 20th Sep 2010, published in Gazette of India.

Q 7 Recommended are of use for High voltage insulation mats?

Our high voltage Volt – Safe/ Shock-Safe can be used in all kinds of electric substations, transformer rooms, lift machine room, switch gear rooms, electrical Panel rooms, A.C plant rooms, X-Ray Plant rooms, LT/HT Labs, Power Plants, Generator rooms Etc.