Electrical Insulation Mats


We introduce ourselves as an ISO 9001:2008 system approved company. We are the leading manufacturer of PVC Electrical Mats as per latest IS 15652:2006. Our Electrical mat are ISI marked and ERDA/CPRI type tested. We have full fledged lab for testing of these mats. It may interest you that domestically, 68% of the cars and 32% of the trains in India have at least one of our products. We are present in your favorite car, telecom towers, your favorite mall, power station and at many more places.

Electrical Flooring are highly recommended for safety of workmen from electrical shocks when working in or around environments like High Voltage panels, HT switch gears, substation, power transformer rooms, LT & HT labs near bus bars, all types of LT panels, control rooms for operation of motors and other allied machinery in the factories etc.

Electrical Insulation Mats as per IS 5424:1969

The Electrical Flooring are manufactured as per the old IS 5424 standard of 1969. These safety electrical insulation mats have a chequered or a fluted anti-skid surface and are usually available in black colour. They are relatively cheaper than ISI Electrical Insulation Mats but have a shorter life span. They can also be used as general purpose rubber matting. They are available in 1M x 2M. Sizes only and thickness ranging from 6mm to 25mm.

ISI Marked Electrical Mats as per IS 15652:2006

The ISI marked Electrical Flooring are manufactured as per the latest BIS 15652:2006 standard. The Insulating mats are manufactured using elastomer (PVC compound) all along with anti-skid aberrations (small dots) on the top to avoid slippage. These Electrical Flooring are ISI embossed on every meter alongwith lot no., manufacturer’s name and other details as required by BIS. The Insulating mats are superior compared to rubber mats as per IS 5424 and offer many additional features.

The main features of Electrical Mat are as under:-

  • •   Electrical Insulating mats have high Di-electrical strength.
  • •   No adverse effect of acid, alkali and transformer oil.
  • •   Excellent mechanical properties to withstand the load and movement of breaker trolley.
  • •   Fire retardant.
  • It is requested that please implement the new specifications in your state and replace old rubber mats with latest Electrical Flooring as per IS 15652:2006 to be in line with statutory requirements and in the interest of safety of workers.

    Product Description

    We offer Electrical Mat with BIS marking on the products. These Insulation Mats are generally used for covering the floor below the control panels. These high voltage insulating mats are manufactured as per latest Indian Standard i.e. IS 15652:2006 for electrical insulation. The electrical mat are mainly used for safety of workers while installing and operating electrical equipment because of possibility of leakage of current in these sensitive areas.

    The ISI Marked Insulating Mats are manufactured using elastomer (PVC compound). It is available in 2mm, 2.5mm & 3.0mm thickness depending upon the working/use voltage. CPRI/ERDA Type Test Certificates & BIS License copy is available on request. Manufacturer’s Test Certificate is provided along with the supply.

    Application Area

  • •   Near HT/LT Control Panels
  • •   Electrical Substations
  • •   Transformers, Generator & Lift Rooms
  • •   In front of Switchboards
  • •   Around Bus Bars
  • •   Outdoor/Indoor On-site use on Live Equipment.

  • Advantages of Electrical Insulation Mats

    Nowadays, industry owners have shifted their paradigm towards synthetic flooring solutions. This is because quality floor mats protect their workers and employees to a greater extent and enhance the productivity. That being said, with the latest developments and technologies, there has been a tremendous improvement in the manufacturing process of matting solutions. The production of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) is one of the factors that had made it possible for the business owner to purchase high-quality Insulating Mat at an affordable price. PVC is the third largest produced polymer in the world and its different features and characteristics have made its top choice. PVC is not only durable but also has flexibility and chemical resistance.

    Techical Description:- "Shock-Safe" Brand

    Product Code
    Recommended Thickness
    Max Use/Working Voltage
    AC Proof Voltage
    Di-electric Strength (Withstand Voltage)
    Approx. Weight Per SqrMtr.
    ISI 001
    2.0 mm
    3.3 KV
    10.0 KV
    30.0 KV
    3.2 Kgs
    ISI 002
    2.5 mm
    11.0 KV
    22.0 KV
    45.0 KV
    4.0 Kgs
    ISI 003
    3.0 mm
    33.0 KV
    36.0 KV
    65.0 KV
    4.8 Kgs

    Material Composition Elastomer free from any insertion. Typically, a combination of rubber and synthetic polymers.
    Tensile strength (T.S.) 15N/mm2 (min.)
    Elongation at Break (E.B.) 250% (min.)
    Leakage Current 10 mA (max.)
    Insulation Resistance with Water when tested at 500 V 1,00,000 MΩ (min.)
    Flame Retardance Extinguishes within 5 secs (max.)
    Ageing Properties at 70±1°C for 168 hours. T.S. & E.B. not less than 75% of original value.
    Acid, Alkali & Oil Resistance T.S. & E.B. not less than 80% of original value.
    Working Temperature -10°C to 55°C

    Standard Size & Design 1) 1.0 Mtr. Wide x 20.0 Mtr. Long. for 2.0mm & 2.5mm.
    2) 1.0 Mtr. Wide x 10.0 Mtr. Long. for 3.0mm.
    Custom Size & Design 1.0 Mtr. Wide x Length as per customer requirement subject to availability.
    Standard Colour Black & Blue without Metallic Derivatives. (Other colours available on request subject to availability)
    Manufacturing Tolerance ±10% on thickness, ±5% on length, ±2% on width.
    Fixing at Site We undertake fixing at site along with materials subject to certain criteria.T&C apply
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