Purchase most comprehensive range of PVC insulating mats at Marvel Vinyls

PVC Insulation Mats

PVC, in its natural state, is a hard material that is known to be the world’s third largest produced material. PVC is extensively used for various commercial and industrial purposes due to its high resistance to electric current and high voltage. PVC insulation mats are been recognized as the perfect tool for offering insulation your industry floors. With the addition of plasticisers to PVC, the flexibility is introduced.  Due to this reason, it is suitable for covering your industrial floors and offer insulation to it. PVC insulating mats keep workers away from direct contact with the floor, thereby reducing the risks to injuries and industrial accidents. There is no doubt in saying that PVC matting solutions are serving electrical and electronics industries to a greater extent and hence are more in demand.

Advantages of PVC Insulation Mats:
  1. Strong and Light weight
  2. Easy to install
  3. Long Durable
  4. Safe material to use in Industries
  5. Coast effective
  6. Fire Resistant
  7. Good Insulator
  8. Versatile

At Marvel Vinyls, our motive is to fulfill the growing demand of business owners with our manufactured quality Insulation mat. We are the premier manufacturer and supplier of quality assured and user specific PVC matting solutions. We offer a complete range of insulating mats that not only provide protection to your staff members but also offer them support for working prolonged periods. Therefore, if you also want to have a most comprehensive range of Insulation mat, feel free to contact us.

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