Insulate the Working area to Improve Employee Health and Productivity

Insulation Mats

Every successful industry is the result of its dedicated employees working for it. The safety of its employees should be the major priority for every successful Industry. Companies dealing with chemicals and electrical goods need to insulate the working area where heavy electrical current flows. Floor insulation for electrical purposes protects workers from accidents. Earlier the companies used Rubber Mats to insulate the floors of working area.

Rubber Mats: A precarious product

Rubber Mats although form good insulating surfaces still they have their own limitations. An insulating surface needs to be fire resistant to avoid hazards due to fire accidents. Although rubber mats on the contrary are highly inflammable. This could be the biggest demerit of using rubber mats as insulating surfaces. The places with heavy electrical current flow are also prone to fire related accidents and with inflammable flooring like rubber mats it would be extremely challenging to save people caught under fire. Hence rubber mats may serve as inflammable gas filled cylinder just ready to explode with a little fire.

Disadvantages with Rubber Mats:
  1. Rubber Mats do not qualify the new IS standards in terms of providing insulation from high voltage current.
  2. The old rubber mat specification IS – 5424: 1969 were discarded due to inefficiency of rubber to hold high voltage current.
  3. The new standards I S – 15652: 2006 were adapted to provide a safer atmosphere to the employees working in electrical industries and dealing with high voltage current.
  4. Expensive product to invest
  5. Smooth, untextured rubber tiles can become rather slippery when water is present. This effect is even worse if the material has been polished.
  6. While rubber flooring is resistant to most staining agents, there are a few products that can discolor its surface. Not easy to clean.
  7. Rubber mats get damaged with the heavy equipment movement on its surface.
  8. They also show chalking effect.
  9. Rubber mats are generally made up of recycled tires which release Volatile Organic Compounds which are dangerous to the health of employees.

Hence rubber mats although served as a great floor insulation product since old times is now being replaced by PVC flooring due to several unavoidable reasons.


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