Protect your people with Electrical Insulation Mat produced by Marvel Vinyl’s Ltd.

Electrical Insulation Mat

There are numerous reasons that cause accidents at the workplace. The major accidents happens due to electric high-voltage. However, if proper safety measures are taken then these accidents can be reduced. For this purpose, Electrical Insulation Mat is considered to be the best solution. These mats affordable to invest for all level of companies. Places where specific type of high voltage equipment and machinery are used on the regular basis, these matting solutions turn to be a boon. These mats have a high insulation resistance and hence block the flow of current, making your workplace a safe place.

Rubber Mats:

For your matting solution requirements you can reach out to us. We offer premium grade Electrical Insulation mats under Sock safe. These mats are produced from Poly Vinyl Chloride, which has superseded rubber. Unlike Rubber mats, PVC mats are 100% shockproof under leakage current 10mA. They have no effect of transformer oil, diesel, alkalis and acids. In this way, the chances of slip are reduced as well. Our produced mats are designed especially for workers who are working with high voltage equipment’s. So for your interest in purchasing these PVC Insulation Mats kindly reach out to us.

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