Get a wide range of Electrical Safety Mats from Marvel Vinyl’s at reasonable price!

Electromat Insulating Mat

Industrial safety is not something that can be easily accomplished through training. Preventive measures are needed for a safe and secure environment. Insulating mats by Marvel is a great way to cultivate a secure environment. This matting solution offers required insulation from high voltage and electric voltage. To get our matting solutions, you can contact us.
We are a certified manufacturer, supplier of Insulating Mat. We will make customized mats. You just need to share the dimensions of the mats. We will design according to your requirement. We will deliver it to your doorstep.

Voltage Safety Mats from Marvel:

Marvel Vinyl’s Ltd is serving a large number of customers with Electrical Safety Mats. Our team produced mats based on the international standards. Which mean you will always have finest quality products.

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