Secure your entire workplace with our Electrical Safety Mats


When it comes to safety and security of workers near electric installations, power utilities/ industries understand that it is important to use Electrical Safety Mats. Finding the best matting solution can be a challenge. At Marvel Vinyls you can easily purchase high quality insulating mats for your floors. Insulating mats are not just for safety of your workers but also for your electric equipment’s. Elastomer made insulating mats have the ability to withstand movement of heavy equipment’s.

Many successful Govt. Utilities are using insulating mats near HT and LT control rooms, switchgears, bus bars. Also for high voltage machinery in substation & Labs. When you are using these insulating mats, you are increasing the productivity of your employees, as there will be no fear of shocks. Employees will get a sense of safety, which will help, in reinforcing. Insulating mats offer your workplace proper insulation from earthing and reduce the chances of industrial accidents due to electric voltage.

Marvel Vinyls Ltd. is manufacturing and supplying High Voltage insulating mats to all utilities/ industries. Some of the major industries are Thermal Power Station, Hydro Power Station, State Generation/Transmission/Distribution companies, BHEL, MES, Railway, Ordinance factory, PHED/PWD, Power grid/NHPC & NTPC etc.

Electrical Insulating Mats : –
  • Fire resistant
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • High durability
  • Low wear and tear
  • Works well for DC and AC electrical installations
  • Type Tested by CPRI/ ERDA

To learn more about our produced mats, their practical uses and advantages, feel free to contact us.

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