Select the best insulating mats for your industry from Marvel Vinyls!

Insulating mat

The use of insulating mats is essential for ensuring the security and safety of all individuals that are working in the environment of high voltage equipment. Electrical Safety Floor Mats offer insulation from leakage current. At this point where you want to purchase high-quality Safety mats, you can contact Marvel Vinyls Ltd. We offer a wide range of matting solutions that one can customize according to their requirement. All the Electrical safety floor mats produced by us are made from PVC, an elastomer with high dielectric strength, to provide complete insulation at places where the level of danger due to high voltage is high.

Insulation Mats Specifications:

With Marvel Vinyls, you can have insulating mats in three different variants, which are 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm and 3.0 mm. These mats can be easily installed in the areas that are prone to risks to minimize the injuries and accidents caused due to electric shocks. We cater all types of industries with our quality products. Our team ensures that you get best quality floor matting solutions which last long. Stay protected and safe with the help of Shock-safe insulating mats produced by Marvel Vinyls Ltd!


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